No Contact Auto Repair

What You Should Know

We Can Safely Help
with Your Auto Repair Needs

Distance & Sanitation With Your Auto Repair

For many, a vehicle is still a necessity in these uncertain times of COVID-19 and social distancing. We are using responsible methods such as strict sanitation precautions and no contact procedures to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Virtual Estimates

We can give you a virtual estimate for your car repair. Simply send the following photos via email and we will prepare an estimate based on the damage we can see.

  • Front of Vehicle
  • Right Front
  • Right Side
  • Right Rear
  • Rear of Vehicle
  • Left Front
  • Left Side
  • Left Rear
  • All Damaged Areas
  • VIN (the tag on the inside driver door that shows all information on the vehicle)

Please indicate if there is an insurance company involved.  If so, please provide the following:

  • Insurance Company Name
  • Claim Number
  • Contact Info

We will send in the estimate and photos on your behalf to the insurance company to help expedite the process.

Please note: virtual estimates are truly estimates. Additional damages may be discovered when closer inspection of the vehicle occurs or during the disassembly process of repairs which is typically covered by your insurance.

Key drop off & Online Payments

There is no reason that you need to come in contact with anyone to get your car repaired.  We have a key drop off system for your safety and convenience. Payments can be made over the phone or mailed.

Sanitation Process

We follow the CDC guidlines strictly plus more.

  • All cars are wiped done with disinfectant wipes prior to any work being done. Exterior handles, steering wheel, gear shift, etc. (the parts of the vehicle interior we would touch moving your car in and out of the shop while repairs are being completed).
  • When repairs are completed, your vehicle is given a thorough courtesy cleanup which includes another round of disinfectant wipes, as well as cleaning of all windows inside and out.

Get Your Vehicle Repaired Safely